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    Hi! I am Annie. I am a lifestyle and wedding photographer based out of St. Paul, MN. I believe that God created each of us in His own image and I adore seeing His beauty in the people that I photograph. Whether you are newly engaged, expecting, want to document your birth, a birthday, or if you want to spend your evening loving on your family, I want to be there with you! I strongly believe that every photograph should tell a story and I would love nothing more than to tell yours!

    XO, Annie

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Happy 1st Birthday Connor!

Love.  Joy.  Happiness.  These emotions are so important to me as a photographer.  I strive to make sure that these emotions are evident in my images.  When you  photograph a family like the following, it is hard to not to see love in every image.

I have known Lisa since we were little (I’m talking the awkward years of braces, glasses and ridiculous bangs… yup… Lis and I rocked them all).  It has been a huge blessing to reconnect and watch her become a beautiful woman, wife and amazing mama to her sweet little man.  This family blows me away.  They share a beautiful beautiful love.

Happy birthday Connor!  I love your joy, your red hair, all of your adorable faces, how you don’t really like the grass, how you love to ‘fly’ and how your smile completely melts your mom and dad’s hearts.  You are a true gift my buddy and you are going to do big things in this world.  Oh, and I’m very excited for you to marry my Lucy in 30 years.  XOXO,


As with most, each year that passes, I find myself appreciating more and more.  Appreciating snow {yup I said it, please don’t stop reading 😉  }… really appreciating spring, appreciating a comfortable pillow, a roof over my head, a giggly baby, smiles, a husband who thinks I’m funny, an amazing network of family and friends, but more importantly, I have grown to really appreciate people.  People that laugh with you, that lift you up, that fill your heart.  People that will go out of their way to help, not for any gain of their own, but just because they want to help.

With the people that have stood infront of my lens, I have come to appreciate their story, to watch it unfold in their images.  I appreciate the laughter that is genuine, the love that is evident, and the hope that is beautifully present.

With the people that have stood with me behind my lens, I appreciate their support, their advice, their critique, their encouragement and their willingness to pick me up when I stumble.  I have become a big ball of emotional appreciation and I am grateful… to each and every one of you, for so selflessly giving me so much.

The appreciation doesn’t stop with Chris and Sarah.  They allowed me to make choices, to guide, to direct, and all without complaint   🙂  Thank you!  I am appreciative of the incredible talent that helped an already gorgeous Sarah look even more stunning {if that is even possible?!}  I am appreciative for spring in Minnesota and for beautiful parks that inspire and give me an outlet for my creativity, but most of all, I am appreciative of love.  Sarah and Chris, your love is truly heartwarming.  You are a beautiful couple with smiles that light up the room.  You are going to have a beautiful marriage and I know you will continue to bless those that come in and out of your lives.  Congratulations you two and thank you, again, for allowing me to spend my evening with you!  I hope you relish in all the joy that your engagement continues to throw your way!


Hair : Jenny Wiegers

Makeup : Kelsey Barnum

May 17, 2013 - 1:33 pm

Nylene Rainey - Beautiful pictures of an amazing bride to be and her handsome prince. Love them!!

snow baby

Excitement. Impatience. Hope. Fear. Planning. Questions. Uncertainty. Joy. Anticipation. And then, there is love…. love… love.  A deep and powerful love.  A love that can make your world stop.  A love that can bring you to tears at the sound of a heart beat.  A love that can take your breath away.  A love that will undoubtedly make everything that was once important to you, not quite so important anymore.  It is amazing how a little eight pound bundle of pure joy can completely rock your world, steal your heart and teach you the true meaning of love.

This beautiful love was evident as I was welcomed into Denise and Ben’s home on a very snowy day… which was fitting, because their sweet Leo was born 9 days earlier in a snow storm, in what will go down as one of the snowiest springs in Minnesota’s history.  While the snow fell, I was able to watch this new family of four (you can’t exclude their pup, Oscar) love, laugh and enjoy each other.  It was truly heartwarming.  I must say… Leo made my job easy.  He woke up enough, just once, to show me his gorgeous eyes, but other than that… he slept the entire time!

You guys are TRULY a beautiful family, inside and out, and as I left your home, my heart was full of so much joy for all the things that are in your future.  You guys are amazing and I know you are going to rock at this parenting gig!  And to my buddy Leo… you have been blessed with some pretty awesome parents.  Make sure to continue to sleep really really well for them and know that I will be thinking and praying for you as you continue to grow!  You are a beautiful little man and you are loved!




May 3, 2013 - 1:15 pm

Adrienne Guelker - Lovely!! Simply lovely!!

May 15, 2013 - 4:03 am

aewiegers - They are so beautiful!!! Thank you Adrienne!!

Anna + David

Oh my goodness.  Let me introduce you to one sweet sweet couple!  They say timing is everything and how true that was for Anna and David.  They are two Minnesotans who literally grew up about 15 minutes from each other but had to go all the way to  the University of Kansas in order to meet.  They share a love for dogs, the North Shore and the MN Vikings.  I mean… how could I not LOVE these two?!?!

David proposed on his birthday and after opening his gifts, he had one last gift for Anna.  Inside she found what will forever be one of her favorite gifts, a Jared Allen football jersey!!! oh, and a ring 😉

I met up with Anna and David at Anna’s family cabin up on the North Shore.  I loved everything about their session!  The snow was fresh, the wind was chilly and we were in the presence of Lake Superior!  Anna and David… thank you for freezing out on the rocks with me and for trampling through snow without complaints.  You guys are amazing and I cannot wait to celebrate with you in September! 🙂

You may say that I’m a dreamer… but I’m not the only one.

I love kids.  I am a kid at heart.  I have a kid… well two (one’s a fur kid), but he still counts.  I am an aunt (three times over).  Kids they inspire me.  They reignite my inner child and they help me to see our world very differently!  I will never fail to look at a child in play and wonder, with awe, what world they have imagined themselves into and what dreams are unfolding before them.  It is beautiful.

Meet these adorable dreamers.  A brother and sister duo who are too cute for words.  I am excited to see where their dreams take them, what worlds they find themselves in and the adventures that are yet to come!  Dream big. xoxo

April 11, 2013 - 11:25 pm

Jamie - Great photos!