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Oh my… this is not okay!  It has been a year since I last posted…  A YEAR!!!!! WHA?!  Not okay!  Holds head in shame (isn’t there an emoji for this?!)

This past year was full of incredibly amazing couples, swoon worthy weddings, lots and lots of adorable kiddos, so many wonderful families and some beautiful, perfect newborns.  2014 was a year that solidified, for me, that photography is exactly what I should be doing in this season of my life.  I took on photography full time in June and honestly have not looked back.  What a gift it is to be able to capture these incredible moments for so many of you.  Thank you.  Seriously.  Thank you so so very much for trusting me to capture these fleeting moments in your lives.

Enough about me!  Let’s get to some images!!!!  I will leave you with two of my dearest friends.  Meet Erin & Matt and their beautiful BEAUTIFUL baby Liv.  She is a dream.  I love this little lady with my whole heart (isn’t it amazing how much you end up loving your friends kids?!)  Enjoy!!!

<3 Annie





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