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Meet Laura & Mike.  Oh these two.  What a BEAUTIFUL and intimate day they shared.  I adored their wedding day, not because there were so many elements that I had wanted for my wedding day… intimate, surrounded by close friends and family, personal vows, delicious… NO, AMAZING food, but because I feel like I was fulfilling a greater purpose on this day.

Let me rewind to the previous evening.

I had to say goodbye to my grandpa the evening before this day.  An unexpected, goodbye.  He was surrounded by his wife, his two remaining siblings, his 3 kids, 8 of his 9 grandkids, and even a few of his great grandkids, and while, this was THE most heart-wrenching goodbye that I have ever had to say, I GOT to say goodbye.  I got to say, I will see you again.  I got to say I love you, I appreciate you and I thank you!  This was an experience that reiterated for me, why I believe what I believe.  I left that Winona hospital assured that my grandpa fell into the arms of Jesus that late afternoon and that our goodbye was only a temporary goodbye.

The next day I had to shoot a wedding.  I had to be on my feet.  Be at my best.  Provide beautiful images.  Laugh.  Have fun!  I had to capture the happiest day of two people’s lives while the day before, I lost on of my happiest places.

Thankfully I pray, I pray before every single shoot that I do.  I pray to capture images that exhibit God’s beauty in the people that I photograph.  I pray to capture love.  I pray that I may be an example of Christ to my clients and on this particular Saturday, December 21st, I prayed that I would be able to capture a love that would exhibit the love that my grandma and grandpa had shared, for 65 years.  This was the most therapeutic shoot that I have ever done.  I was exactly where I needed to be, with exactly who I needed to be with.

Laura and Mike… you two… keep loving each other so sweetly.  Keep laughing when you kiss, and keep loving your family as much as you do!  You two were amazing and I am SO SO grateful, on SO many levels that I got to spend this day with you and your loved ones.  You two helped to heal my heart and helped to remind me why I fall in love with photography every time I pick up my camera.  I adored everything about your day and I just love how your images turned out 🙂

XO, my friends!


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January 27, 2014 - 10:37 pm

Sharon Niedzwiecki - Sorry for your loss Annie! I’m sure he was with you as you shot those beautiful wedding photos! Awesome!!

January 28, 2014 - 5:11 pm

aewiegers - Oh Sharon, thank you so so much 🙂

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